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Topic: Appreciation

Employee appreciation ideas for large companies

Global HR team discussing how to accomplish employee appreciation at scale for a large company.

Employee appreciation and recognition are key drivers to creating a successful workplace culture. However, the size of a company can be a challenge. It can be overwhelming to try and provide a great employee experience for such a large number of employees. So how do large companies appreciate their employees and connect their culture? These five pointers are a great place to start.

1) Create connection between your employees and your company.

Engagement and connection are one and the same and it’s the first step to rallying your employees. Whether they are sitting in the same office, or working across the globe, ensuring each individual is connected to not only your company’s purpose, but also to each other is crucial. Don’t let your organization’s purpose get lost in the shuffle of work; make it fun and forward-thinking and your employees can’t help but remember it.

• Create a visual campaign to keep purpose and employee recognition top of mind.
• Make eye-catching posters using familiar employee faces and the company values.
• Film fun videos or create animations to play on screens in common areas.
• Send out push notifications reminding teams how they can act on the values, fun facts about the company, and upcoming events.

2) Make recognition accessible to everyone.

In a 2018 radical buyer study, large organizations with an average of 24,000 employees shared that one of their biggest concerns is not knowing how to reach employees that don’t work from computers or cell phones. Restaurants, healthcare, airlines… there are countless industries with employees that don’t sit in front of computers or aren’t allowed to have cellphones on them during work hours. Offline recognition can be just as easy to give as online and is, and often times, more memorable.

• Print certificates to be presented during recognition moments.
• Provide branded note cards for personal thanks and on the spot recognition.
• Give reward codes for employees to redeem for awards.

3) Make it personal and fun.

Many large organizations think that recognition should be done in one generic way, without considering the human need of each individual. The larger the company, the easier it could be for employees to feel irrelevant and lost in the crowd.

Dow Chemical’s recognition program wasn’t working, so they took to their employees to figure out what was wrong. The company surveyed employees across the world asking what they wanted to see change and try to gauge where they would go next. By utilizing these surveys and adjusting their program accordingly, they saw program users increase from 60% to 84% in one year. In 2015 alone, there was a recognition moment every 3 minutes. Once Dow understood their employees’ needs at a more human level, they were able to not only recognize, but recognize with purpose.

4) Celebrate years of service.

Along with cheering on the daily victories, celebrating years of service is equally impactful. Years 1, 3, 5, and so on are major milestones in an individual’s career that should not be overlooked. From the 2018 radical buyer study, one leader said their program was “a pretty inexpensive, quick way to meet some emotional needs of employees.” There are many ways to celebrate an individual’s career milestone across the organization.

• Gather comments and photo/video selfies of their peers and leaders.
• Provide simple awards or certificates sharing what milestone they have reached.
• Schedule a department stand up, lunch, or treat break to toast a successful career.

5) Ask the experts in culture.

When an organization realizes they need a recognition program, they’ll typically start out with home-grown programs. But for large organizations, that is a daunting task! Use the experts and find a partner that knows how to handle such a large number of employees. Save yourself time and money by finding an external partner who knows the ins and outs and best practices when it comes to impactful recognition.

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