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Topic: Wellbeing

How to Create Healthy Habits and Improve Employee Wellbeing

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Employee wellbeing is about more than just gym memberships, team events, challenges and other wellness solutions. Here are some ways you can affect real change and get employees to adopt healthy habits that improve their wellbeing.

Why focus on wellbeing?

Sure, you want to reduce healthcare costs and have a wellbeing program that makes you an attractive place to work. But wellbeing is about much more than that. It’s about building a culture that helps employees perform at their very best, in a way that is aligned to your company’s priorities and values.

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How to create healthy habits
According to Dr. B.J. Fogg, a renowned behavioral psychologist at Stanford University, there is a proven model for creating healthy habits. It includes making behaviors easy to do and helping people feel successful when they do them. As you look at your wellbeing solution, keep this model in mind.

Focus on the right behavior—personal autonomy is essential. Help people focus on the behaviors that they want to change, not just generic ones.

Make it easy—goals need to be both easy to understand and easy to do. Focus on small and simple behaviors

Trigger the behavior—most habits have a trigger. Create ways to trigger the healthy behavior you’ve chosen.

Reward success—habits are developed on emotion and reward

Practice and Repeat—building a new skill takes support, repetition, and practice

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Helping people be successful
Recognition for achieving healthy habits is the best way to make people feel successful for even the smallest changes in behavior. Whether it’s as small as taking a walk instead of grabbing an unhealthy snack, or something bigger like running their first marathon, saying “great work” when employees exhibit healthy behaviors ensures employees do it again. In fact, appreciation impacts all areas of wellbeing—employees who feel appreciated:

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As you work on your wellbeing strategies and initiatives, make change contagious by helping people build healthy habits at work. You’ll create a culture where employees feel and do their very best, every day.

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